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Online Self Video watercolour classes (9)

I currently have 27 separate video classes on many different topics from landscape, people, mediterrean scenes, seascapes and more.  Each video on You Tube is accessed  by special link. Along with the link, the following are included:

PDF step by step writeup on the process

Template to draw the picture at 7 x 11"

Reference photos

Each session is $10 and you have unlimited access to the material for that lesson.

For more information and a PDF list of the subjects, please email with subject; Online video classes

Red Petunias
Florals and Blooms (18)

I'm returning to my favorite form of visual art with an explosion of colour.  Exploring these colours currently, I am favoring the petunia for its incredible profusion and diversity.   Come walk in the garden with me.

Reaching Out
Forest and Trees in the ever changing environment (5)

All the changes in British Columbia's forests has me revisiting images of the forest and trees that I have loved, observed, walked through and plein air painted in.  I am exploring more of these areas of calm and serenity and I want to explore more of my feelings as I  see the conflict nature itself is having with climate change.  I feel frustrated over the dimishing old growth forest and the protests because of the conflict that it involves and the additional problems it creates both human and otherwise.  I am sad over the loss of forest and homes because of the heat and draught conditions here in my province.  All these things make it necessary for me to paint and express my feelings over these events.

Riparian Rhapsody
Vancouver Landscapes (14)

Living near downtown Vancouver has its advantages, buildings everywhere, contrasted by parks and trees and mountains in the distance.

Dance of the Beach Umbrellas
Where in the World (16)

I enjoy finding different view points from local and far away landscapes. It is a memory or a special area or building that stirs me. The idea brews in my subconscious, sketches are made, colours float in my mind and then suddenly; I just have to get it on paper.

Steveston in the Mist
Water, Water everywhere (9)

Water is so varied and compelling to paint.  From raindrops to reflections, from calm seas to raging storms and rain; it carries new emotion each time I try to recreate the scene on watercolour paper.

Guitar Guy
Watercolour instructions and demos (8)

Youtube:  Artist Sonia Mocnik, watercolour demonstrations

Roundhouse Community Center - Wednesdays starting Sept 22 10:30 - 12:30

Some intructions with time to work on your own projects and have guidance and feedback from the instructor.


Federation of Canadian Artists Emblem
Upcoming events and shows (2)

Federation Gallery Curated Collection online for May & June -Hy2GH-yX9N8__Vfqjem5TRH7lMiAXHRdlAvrMxt25lT9EqDhcJ6Us=&c=ZQmrzlaPxcZJ9lJWFsS6jbSuJtgoFymPM-kRnemmInS8mJhIouwnoA==&ch=jWxivjc7Fv5Vb35qDFzu4CCIFyDd60Ddaq4vZKcT7O7s1PNvf5kPuA==

Fabriano in Aquarello - May 31st to June 5th - finally, paintings will be displayed from last year in Fabriano, Italy and more interactive activity will be online.

Art Rental program North Shore




Trust Fund for Education and HHPF (1)

The University Women's Club of Vancouver has a wonderful program for assisting in education. I support this trust fund by donating images of my art for their art cards.

The Heritage Preservation Fund is another part of the club that is used to sustain the Hycroft Heritage Building. 2020 calendars are available that include donated images of my work in their February calendar page.

All printed material is available through Hycroft's Office. 604-731-4661


The Old Mill II
Commissions (5)

I enjoy the challenge and reward of painting commissions. If you are interested in recreating a family scene, landscape, house or portrait to give to someone or for yourself, I would be very happy to assist you in the mediums of watercolour or acrylic.  I require funds upfront and an agreed arrangement on how many visits before and during the commission process.  Here are a few of my satisfied customers.

Ajijic Fiesta, Papel Picado #4
Sold artwork (8)

Happy customers with purchased watercolours from my inventory