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July 11,2021
More colour and light

As I continue with the Petunia, floral and foliage theme, I am really finding I start to understand the shape and line of the flowers I am painting.  I am also enjoying trying new colour mixes and even a a little guoache to accent some of the colour if necessary.  

I do find it hard to stay focused on one piece, so after getting some more Fabriano from Opus, I am going to try a variety of sizes of paper.  I also need to practise some more of the demo I will be completing at the West Vancouver Library on July 24th.  Weather is looking promising - not too hot, not too cold.

I haven't had a chance to try some of my new colours - phalo green in both the yellow and blue shade and that includes a "winsor green" with a "yellow" shade.  I have noticed several artist using this to help with the green leaves.

I have my new Petit Gris by Da Vinci - size 3 - I can't wait to try it out!

Lots more to test and practise and I hope soon to have more videos online.  Right now its nice just to paint and not have to explain and writeup each step. However, it does help when I do write things down and keep the process - I don't have to recreate the wheel if I like a particular mix.  I love the purple I get when I mix quinacridone rose with cobalt teal.  Things like that.

Happy Painting!

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