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June 27,2021
Thanks for your participation!

Artist fans! Thankyou all for your participation on zoom via the OPUS art supply demo on botanicals.  Over 100 people were signed up and many of you stayed the full duration even though the heat has been incredible here in Vancouver, B.C.  I had viewers from all over including a friend from Ajijic, Jalisco and a fan in Ontario.  It was great to connect with many of my former students as well!!

For those of you who attended and for many of you who might be interested.  I am a member of the Northwest Watercolour Society  They have great demos that have been videotaped from their past meetings and have a good selection of juried shows that you can participate in. Although located in Washington, US.  They have a wide particiation from members all over.  Thomas Schaller will be offering a course through the society in October.

As well as the NWWS, there is also the ability to participate in the Canadian division of the International Watercolor Society.  Alice Bottril is the rep for the western provinces and would love to add more members.  There is the opportunity to participate online, through an online magazine and in many world wide competitions.

Now going back to the actual demo, here again is the information about my aids.  I often refer to my handy "Flower Painter's Pocket Palette" written and illustrated by Elisabeth Harden.  Its a great resource for flower shapes, ideal colours for different flowers and just generally great tips for your watercolour flower painting.

Someone asked about composition and I refered to several different designs in composition that have been written and illustrated.  I couldn't remember the artists name or the book - but I usually refer to this artist during my sketching and watercolour classes.

"Composition of Outdoor Painting" by Edgar Payne

You can find many references to these titles online and through Pinterest.

Its a wonderful month to be painting flowers and foliage so - Happy Painting!

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 12:00


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