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September 15,2021
Ready to do some painting and sketching?

September just snuck up on me.  Today is already the 15th!  Next week begins real live classes back at the Roundhouse!  We planned this already 2 years ago.  I will believe it when I walk into the Roundhouse later this week to check out the contract and facilties again after so long.

For those of you who are somewhat concerned of the continuing COVID numbers, I do have online classes available - both as self taught and via zoom in the coming months.

Sketching and Watercolour via Zoom with Sonia Mocnik      October 1 to Nov 5, 2021

Fridays 6 – 8:30pm 6 classes $100 Sketching and watercolour is all about drawing exercises, journaling and easy/fun painting images.  We will learn how to start feeling comfortable drawing, looking at objects and viewing subjects differently.   The images are really secondary to the processes each week.  We will paint shells, feathers, simple scenes including thumbnail sketches.  We’ll try people, sitting, standing, walking, still life, street scenes, trees with nests and more. Students will try to draw images of their shoe, hand and other objects to get comfortable looking at any object and not worry about the drawing’s accuracy, but the understanding of really looking at the object you are trying to recreate.

East Side Culture Crawl will be in November - more news to come for this event!  Nov 18 onward.

Nov 25 to Dec 16 Intermediate Watercolour via Zoom - People and Faces in Different Places - 4 sessions of 2. hrs where we work on facial colours, tones, backgrounds and some interesting photos I've taken during my travels.  Templates will be provided along with the reference photo and a writeup and access to an online youtube video.  This is to help with later review after the demo is completed together online.  There is an overview of my intermediate classes online on Youtube.

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