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July 28,2021
North Van Art Rental Program

I have been remiss in updating my North Van arts site and today I received mail to say that one of my rental pieces had been "rented"!  So fun to find out these things! Alice Lake, a watercolour and ink 16 x 20 framed was out for a month on a film or movie shoot.  

I have now had 4 pieces in the rental program and see that submission for 2022 will be coming up soon.  There are so many great opportunities I am finding it difficult to stay focused on my series of "colour and light" before I break free and start something else.

The petunias have been a struggle between learning to be very detailed or just keeping it very loose. I went back to detail and kept finding I needed to stop drawing flowers before I painted them because I could no longer find my reference on my photo for the image I wanted to capture.  I was more disciplined when I was creating videos and writeups for my work because I did more background on each piece, trying it out, seeing what I liked or didnt about the composition .. all the steps necessary to get a good painting.  

I know that this is exploration and I need to let my creativity out, but I do find I get tired and start to want to just finish what I am doing rather than realizing I should just put the piece aside and get on with my other business items - like blogs and updating social media or just thinking of what I want to teach in the fall.

So - it will be back to the petunias tomorrow and then thinking about more of the other things I like to do too.  I just can't decide if more white petunias are the way to go.  I did see and take some pictures today while I was out.  I also have a plant growing here so that I can study it while I sit with my coffee.  Its all there - I just have to organize myself and keep going.

Happy painting everyone and don't worry about the struggle - its part of being a creative artist!

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 12:00


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