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July 26,2021
Did you get to plein air with Opus?

Wow, a busy week again.  Saturday at the West Vancouver Memorial Library was so much fun!  It was a full slate and then a few people had to cancel at the last minute.  However, we had 10 hardy souls who took in the heat and painted and sketched.

Questions were asked about my pallete, about plein air equipment and other questions about brushes such as my da vinci plein air brush.

We painted trees, the garden beans and kale and potatoe flowers and I got a few quick petunia flowers in.

Thanks to all who made it out!

Today was the last day for the Opus Art Supply plein air challenge.  2 weeks went by so quickly that I only had this evening to actually put my sketch on and document the quick time I spent at Creekside Park this evening.  I loved it though - just my sketch book, my plein air paints, some graphik ink pens and water and I managed to get in some fun down at the water.  Of course, I drew way too much and should have focused on something less detailed, but its what I felt like as I filled both sides of my sketch book.  Its all about just having fun and throwing on colour and seeing what happens.  I have forgotten about mosquitos in the evenings as usually I don't spend a lot of time outside these days.  They started buzzing around about 8:30 just as the sun was starting to descend.  The glow of the sky didnt go away until almost 10pm, but I headed back before I had too many bites.

There was notification that a group of 50 plein air painters were going to be out on the North Shore at a park near Capilano.  If you are interested in seeing images from the last two weeks - check out the hashtag #OPUSOPC2021

Happy Painting everyone - I'm back to studying my petunias and I managed to sneak a quick video on a garden and bicycle scene I 've been wanting to try out.  Its all on instagram, facebook and you tube.  Enjoy!

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