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July 23,2021
West Vancouver Memorial Library Demo and more

Tomorrow is demo time at the West Vancouver Memorial Library - outside - masked and wow will this be a great day to be back outdoors!

I am working on behalf of the library to showcase their new digital platform "" which is offered online through the library system for "free"!

I have it setup on my main computer and on an app on my phone.  It has so many fun and creative things to view and enjoy.  This is not just watercolour, but quilting, knitting, mix media and even info on how to build your art business.

I am happy to have the opportunity to share things that enhance people's creative spirit and move them forward on their own progress and positivity with whatever art moves them!!!!

Even though I have my own online series of art classes and teaching sessions, this is a way more people can have access to exploring their creativity without limits.  Whether you go to the library and spend time on their computers or use a device you might own, listening and creating is good in whatever format you have available.  This just enhances everyone's ability to learn more about colour, the basic materials and other aspects of art and then when you find that not enough - there so much more to learn through the local artists like myself and what can be offered through community centers, online and in private classes.

I will get back to writing more about fabriano paper and the phathlo green or winsor green blue shade in upcoming blog pieces.  In the meantime, there are some condensed videos on my You Tube site that you can view.

Just go create!!!! 

PS don't forget there is three more days to post your plein air pictures to the OPUS online challenge.  Take of picture of the piece you did in your sketchbook or substraight and get it online through instagram, with the hashtag #OPUSopc2021 - there is so many prizes offered - get out and pleinair.  More info on the events sections of

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