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June 29,2021
West Vancouver Library on July 24th

Hot, Hot, Hot and "It too darn hot" are phrases running through my cluttered mind right now as I bake in semi darkness in my artist space with the fan on my face.  I am supposed to paint - but I know these temperatures are going to make doing anything except really loose and free washes really hard to work on in watercolour!

However, I want to remind my readers that West Vancouver Library has asked me to do an interactive outdoor sketching and painting session on July 24th from 11am to 1pm on their rooftop garden.  There is space for 10 right now, but it looks like space will open up to a larger group as we will go to stage 3 on July 1st. Yeh!!!

This is a great time to grab your sketch books or your plein air kits and come join me for some great interactive painting.  I will be using watercolours and will be also promoting the "FREE" digital program that all public libraries in the lower mainland including West Vancouver Library card holders have access to with your library card. 

The idea is to get introduced to this online creative space that gives you 30 day prompts, great tips on art and different art mediums and also on other creative activities like quilting and sewing.  Registrants will be asked to try out Creativebug ahead of time and watch

This is only a preview - so don't enter this site directly, but do enter the Library site with your library card and the prompts you receive to get into the digital libary and watch away.

I will be doing similar demos of trees, the colour greens, a garden scene and up close flower.  What I like about Yao Cheng's style is that she doesn't use a pencil first.  This is liberating to me as I tend to do a lot of sketching and drawing prior to painting.  I am practising these sketching and watercolour ideas so that we can paint along together for the two hours.  I will do quick demos and leave time between to paint and ask questions about anything watercolour, plein air and sketching.  I will have a plein air kit with me.  I will have handouts too and will try and make the time together fun and exciting especially since we have been so removed from any social and fun gatherings!

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