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October 29,2020
Trick or treat

So I haven't been able to find the Halloween shirt yet.  I did a major cleanup of my art writings and material, but have not had any success in scaring up the shirt.  May I will just wear something orange!  

These have been busy days - setting up work and videoing for the next 6 intermediate art classes online, thinking about ideas for the 4 classes with the Roundhouse, prepping for the demo Friday and I still have lots to catch up with for the East side culture crawl.  promo material is coming in and it's time to get the social media sites away from the fun candy wrappers.

now it's back to a more fluid and varied set of paintings that I have been doing over the last six months.  Lots of people working with their hands in various settings, some travel related, also more ink with watercolour and even more trees and forest scenes.  

I am beginning to feel more comfortable with a narrative or two for my paintings and I will be tweeking some more ideas for the coming weeks.  Time to update the website and more.  Stay tuned! In the meantime, I've been testing out shadow violet by Daniel Smith and am enjoying the rich grey/brown that it can create.  Always something to try out!

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