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October 25,2020
Opus demo this coming Friday online free

Time is quickly approaching since I signed up to demo with a still life of a Smartie box through Opus art Supplies.  Great thing with this is that I bought something I have been wanting for a while.  Opus has made up their own half pan metal painting tray and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  I work mostly with plastic palettes or ceramic mixing dishes.  Even a plate can work.  However, metal does not retain the stain of some of the colours.  It's going to be a great tool to have for worj]king outdoors!

The bonus is trying out all the other opus colours I don;t use very often.  They are great quality and a very good price point.  This weekend they are even doing free shipping across a Canada! 

I have a videos that are instructing the processes that I will be demoing for the hour and a bit - but it's there for anyone who wants to try colour mixing, who wants more beginner information and finally to have fun actually painting a still life.  More videos of this nature will be coming to my YouTube channel including more on my colouring pages.

off to try and find my Halloween shirt to wear for the demo!  

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