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October 16,2020
Pandemic remnants continue

Weather is turning and the lighting and humidity has changed now as I paint in my temporary studio. It's harder to control the water on the paper and lighting depending on whether it is warm or cool can really impact even how the watercolour looks.

It's important to test your paint out regularly and practise with it in varying light so that you are not surprised when deciding to use it in a painting.  It's so much fun to purchase new colours and play with them.  Keep doing that! It's the best way to explore your creativity without starting to think of colour theory or other processes that develop as a painting is developed. 

I love trying different colours and forget when I settled into a routine of 3 primaries that I can mix the colour, but oh it's so nice when just going to the colour I want without having to create it. On the other hand, with just 3 colours, everything has cohesion in the painting, because it is uniform wherever you place the primary or another colour that is created.  

so to have some fun between classes and try to quell my chocolate cravings, I've stared painting the wrappers from the candy.  Lots of fun trying to recreate the image colour and the shadows and the shiny metallics and reflections.  This series will definitely continue as I know it can't enough of my favorite sweet!

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