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October 05,2020
Primary colours

This has been a busy weekend.  First, really great news from Opus as they have chosen a date and a topic for the virtual demo on October 30th at 11am.  It will be about colour mixing and a still life.  Follow along the coming days on my blog for more hints.

i was working on the weekend with my online class material, more info for advertising the demo with Opus and other online applications for new juried shows.

North Van arts still has the Art Rental Show up.  They have just closed the application for the anonymous show which will also be online.  The new art rental juried application is still open and I have some irons on the fire for this.

i applied for the first time to the canadian society of watercolour artists online juried show. They are going online this year, so it is a little easier to apply only because the painting will not have to be shipped.  Normally the item would have to be sent framed to their gallery.  A lot more difficult for watercolours under glass.  I recommended it to my students and artist friends which meant I needed to know more about the process myself.  It was worth going through this for the first time as it helped another artist understanding how the juried process worked for this organization.  They didn't require biographies or CV -I imagine that will only come if a painting gets selected.  It's always interesting to understand the fees and requirements for different juried shows.

the midmain art show that I organize is scheduled for June next year, but there is still all sorts of concerns regarding venues and protocol with Covid.  Lots to figure out and keep busy with.

hopefully art is keeping you busy and inspired!  I was inspired to use permanent rose, Hansa yellow light, new gamboge and phthalo blue to paint some fun loose fall trees and leaves.  I am off to paint some more fall themed items so I hope you get inspired to do something too! 



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