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October 01,2020
What - October Already!!!

Where did September just go to? An attempt to get some watercolour classes back in the studio at West Vancouver Community Center is proving a little more difficult as there is a lot of protocol and the size is now going to be a maximum of 8 students.  The next set of classes starts October 8 and they are Thursday mornings or afternoons.  Check my instruction information on the website for more details or directly with

I am working with the Roundhouse Community Center to bring watercolour classes back sometime late November.

East Side Cultural Crawl is ramping up their virtual program and there are already 241 artists setup on the website inlcuding myself as part of the artists at Portside Studios #7 on the map.  We are going virtual at this point as the protocols for touring become a bit difficult.  However, lots more information will be coming forward.

Opus and I are teaming up for a virtual watercolour demo - keep your eyes peel looks like it will be at the end of October or early November.

This beautiful weather is really starting to make the fall leaves slowly show their true colours and the sunflowers have been amazing.  I'm painting some these days for my classes and hope to capture more of the fall colours in various formats in watercolour.  Keep your eyes peeled for more on my website.

Happy Painting!


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