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September 25,2020
Online and galleries

Numbers are going up and it looks like people are preparing for isolation again. Was at Costco last night and toilet paper was a theme again.  People also seemed  to be looking more - maybe trying to figure out what staples to add?  

my online course started again and I am now using two cameras to project the work - one to see me, one to see the painting directly.  Mixing colout]ra is one part that I would like to be able to have more viewing area, but it takes away from the image and closeup of the painting process.

I have the two community Centers keeping me in contact. We have regular scheduled classes for October, but with the numbers changing it's had to determine what to expect in safety or comfort for all wanting to go back to a regular class environment.

in the meantime, the new Covid environment has meant I have more gallery time with pieces that were hung earlier this year.  Hycroft has myself and 3 other artists ( including my artist friend Eva Wideman that uses ) up at Hycroft gallery until December. 

i am participating for the first time with the east side culture crawl.  It will have a larger virtual aspect this year, so I have been applying for different crawl aspects.

North Van art rentals has a lovely video of all participating artists because we had to have a virtual opening.


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