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July 12,2020
C19 renaissance of the art world!

Wow, if you were to have told me that I would be teaching online, creating videos and having virtual openings - even a year ago - I would have been hard pressed to believe any of it.  

Well, just finished a virtual online evening for the Hycroft Gallery Summer Show that I am part of until August 30th.  I had a lot of fun coming up with ways to encorporate live activities of the other artists as they weren't too keen on working via zoom.  I managed to get Artist Eva Wideman and Artist Anita Wu on small video clips and even had Artist Joyce Goodwin read her poem over the phone while I put the written poem on my ipad and then video it so that it would work together.  Sounded a little far away like she was a foreign correspondent, but it worked!

Still working on perfecting the videos of my paintings, but that will come - its more that I can't paint big with watercolour unless I get my tripod and put the camera on me and paint with the paper almost upright.  So I am working with a 1/8th sheet of 140lb cold press and that seems to get not too bad a coverage.  I try to zoom in and out, but am finding that creates some problems with the camera not being able to focus fast enough when I move around painting.  Technical glitches - I'll figure them out!

If I thought I was going to be the only local Vancouverite putting classes online - well, suddenly there is all sorts of things availabe through events on FB or through some of the local collages.  Ian De Hoog is doing it through a class down in the Washington state. Sheri Jones is doing a plein air class with appropriate social distancing. All amazing and I give everyone credit for all the hard work they have put in!!! Its that creativeness even in the face of adversity.

I have to admit that I have not really wanted to paint anything big.  I am happy to focus more on my own compositional style and take tips from so many artists that are kind enough to put their material on youtube and other locations during this time.  Each new feature has something to add to my ideas or kindle some more creativity.  

Whatever you do, I recommend trying anything even if you're not an online person.  I prefer the interaction with others via zoom, but am happy to get engrossed in following someone elses process - especially when they speed up their video - its like - what are they going to do next? I guess and then its fun to see what they decide is their next step.  Love all of it.

Its the C19 renaissance of the art world!


Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 09:46


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