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May 13,2020
What Day is it?

I do remember writing that I would be keeping up my blog during these COVID times.  I just can't believe two months have gone by since classes ended with my students at West Vancouver Community Center.

I have been busy doing drawings and videos on youtube - but then I had to put aside items of art and focus on family issues.  Having older parents needing technical assistance and not being able to actually go over and help their technical stresses can be really frustrating.  Most of my April was taken up in fielding calls of missing emails, possible viruses or Skype not responding.  The stress of COVID was the real issue, but it surfaced in phone calls of panic and fear.

Now that has been resolved (for today), my lack of excercise has my body complaining and not happy that it is not out and about on a regular basis.  If that doesn't result in lack of motivation to do other things - I don't know what to say.  I just can't get comfortable in my makeshift studio at home to be creative.  I also have piles of paper on top of my workspace.  Everything else seems to take priority of seems to take most of the day for just the normal daily routine of life.

I hope this blog finds you in a better space than I am right now. I know that if I get back into my art practice, I will feel better and more motivated.  So here's to the first day of a new goal.  Just a few minutes of sketching to get me back to normal daily practise.  Hope you can find that few minutes of fun for yourself too!

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