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March 22,2020
Islolation Blues or Greens or Greys

Well, who would have expected that the start of what was going to be a nice break before the next set of classes were to begin, turns into a completely different adventure or as some would say "stay in isolation vacation".

As an artist, staying in the studio is wonderful and I really enjoy the environment and creativity. However, we all have other hats that we wear and that takes time as well.  Being a caregiver to my partner, an entrepreneur for my art and doing normal day to day household tasks keeps me juggling.  Now that I have to stay in and keep my social distance, priorities have change and in my case have helped me. I had no idea how many of these normal tasks I had been sidelining - not only the dusting or getting windows washed, but general book keeping, prepping stuff for taxes and organizing the studio space.

I had hoped to be utilizing my new space more, but right now that's not really a good option. So back to giving myself more space in the apartment, which means actually organizing all the papers and materials that are on the floor, in boxes, by the computer, in piles etc.  I have found all sorts of things I had forgotten about , but i'm still looking where my small Kolinsky winsor newton brushes have disappeared to.  

already a week into it and I thought I would have much more accomplished. I enjoy listening to the media - especially the radio - which has me tuned in more and wanting to keep up on the latest change related to the pandemic, so that is tiring and emotionally draining.  It's hard to focus.  Then it's ensuring that we have adequate provisions and yes toilet paper (did you know there is a site to calculate how much toilet paper you use in a period of time?)

I try to keep meals timed and just not be natural grazing, but my partner is depressed about what he hears every day and he's not really eating as he should.  That frustrates me. And that has me not eating as I should and on, and on.

however, I am happy not to have to break up the day by heading out for work or to have to commute for this or that.  I will probably try ordering groceries online, another new thing to learn.

the biggest thing is not to let the art get sidelined - it's so easy to do as each day another venue is changed or cancelled. Classes still need prepping even if they aren't happening right away - they will be and this time will never be returned.  So I will keep working on setting u- the online classes and get back to painting and testing ideas that I have and eventually, I hope normalcy returns. Stay safe everyone and most of all remember to keep your distance and wash you hands!


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