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March 09,2020
What? March 10th already???

Since becoming part of the Art Rental Program at NorthVan Arts late last year, art activities have really been a whirlwind.  I didn't realize the pieces would show in the gallery and I would have space online and I wasn't aware that I could participate in the North Shore Art Crawl.  

The Art Crawl finished yesterday and I want to thank so many of my followers and current students who came to say hi! Thank you so much everyone for your kindness, I am very grateful!  Not only did you bring me coffees and Sunshine on a cold day, but you brought laughter and encouragement!!  It was the best time!

Today finished my new latest class of beginners in watercolour and I am going to miss the group terribly.  8 weeks and we had such an interesting journey in the growth in knowledge of this medium!  Thanks to my great group of students! 

One more class with my Thursday groups and then I can try to pick up all the mixed up pieces of my studio and actually work in my new studio space - at least get some ideas up and moving forward for my own art growth.  there are several ideas I want to explore and I need to start focusing on these things that have been brewing before they loose themselves in my subconcious.

there will be a few weeks now before my class begins at the roundhouse and more start at the West Vancouver Community Center.  In between its prepping for the Midmain Art Fair where I would like to see some of my ideas and focus in my painting booth.  Bookmarks included as they were a great seller at the Art Crawl and a really fun way to demo watercolour techniques.

Time to crash today and not focus on the worries of the world...just the future ideas as they will not disappear unless we let them.... 


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