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January 05,2020
2020 vision

There are so many great comments for 2020.  I love the fact that it ties in with the previous century "roaring" 20's and the Art Deco period and prohibition and flappers and so much more.

My 2020 vision, corrected by glasses, shows an exciting year with new Studio space at 150 McLean Ave, Vancouver.  Portside studios is a cooperative

and a great group of artists. Some artists I know through the Vancouver Sketch Club, others I work with to put on the Mid Main Art Fair.  I am very excited about this opportunity because it allows me a dedicated space outside my home studio that I can feel creative with the right space and environment. My home studio has been a struggle for light, space and creative energy.

My next show is part of the salon for the art rental program at the CityScape Art Gallery 355 Lonsdale as part of the North Vancouver Community Art Council.  This event has an opening on January 16th and runs until Feb 15th.

Also very exciting is my opportunity to demonstrate at the OPUSart supplies store on Granville Island January 18th at 11am and 2pm both

free but requiring sign up.

Starting to put my ideas on paper and getting my material ready for upcoming art classes.  It takes time and energy, sometimes the energy is lacking, but rain and adverse weather should not be used as an excuse. At least that;s what I keep telling myself!

Happy New Year! Happy Painting!


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