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December 05,2019
catching up

I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with fellow watercolour and Plein air artist Esmie Gayo McLaren.  We are both members of the Federation of Canadian Artists as well as members in the Canadian section of the International Watercolour Society.  This year, we seem to be seeing each other more at juried and Plein air events but we never get a chance for a proper "chin wag"!

Esmie messaged me and convinced me I needed a Pina Colada at the Keg on Granville Island.  So we setup a time and three weeks later we finally had a chance to enjoy some good conversation together. I think the waiter had a really hard time because we both just kept the conversation going.  I never did find out how Esmie's food and drink was - time just flew by and the next thing we knew, it was almost time for our parking space time limits to expire.  We both needed to  go to the Federation Gallery and to Opus and so we took a quick walk through rail spur alley.  The lighting was just right and Esmie suddenly saw the chairs and umbrella outside the coffee shop as a great photo opportunity.  Orange chairs, blue umbrella (complementary colours) and then even better - purple flags and yellow bunting - more complimenary colours! The sun was just filtering through- so even better!  I turned momentarily to the opposite side of the walkway and saw all these great paint brushes that they have put up as markers for the studios.  I even got Esmie to pose trying to find just the right brush she would want to paint with.  

What a great afternoon of fun! Esmie and I both have pieces currently at the exposition in Kosovo and another show ARTRICH with the opening tomorrow night Dec 6th at 7pm out at the Richmond Art Gallery.  We won't have much time to talk, but it will be great to see her and many other artists we know at this event.  Turns out Jeff Wilson, another midmain artist has a piece in the event.

i'm also just working on a demonstration for Opus Granville Island! Wish me luck!

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 10:37


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