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April 06,2018
Upcoming shows

Ok, first, where did the last two months go? 

That being said ... next week begins new watercolour classes and there are spaces still available in the Thursday afternoon class.  

On April 17th, my painting Budha flower will be showing at the Federation gallery as part of the Aquarelle et Pastel show down on Granville Island.  I have submitted also for the small submissions, but haven’t heard anything regarding that.  If you want to see some of my latest efforts... check out my Instagram account.  

May 3 to 6th, I will be in the West End Art in the city show with the Vancouver Sketch club.

June 10th is the Midmainartfair

August will be demoing at Harmony Arts Festival - that proposal is just going in.

much more to come....but need to get more painting done and submissions in.

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 12:09


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