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December 10,2017
Learning new things

Each Wednesday evening for the last 10 weeks, 25 artists have been sitting in the Federation Gallery down at Granville Island and absorbing the most amazing information about art and the process related to creating art.  Each two and half hours were like taking a full art class but in hyper drive.  Things you remember, things you’ve forgotten, things you only just recently caught on to, so many new ideas and then just having the privilege of being in the presence of the artist of the day – priceless!  Each Federation artist that was part of the instructors for the Foundation program were one of the first reasons that I wanted to take the course.  I wanted to know more about them and about their style of art.  I also wanted to meet more of the other Federation Members and non members who were taking the class.  There were 25 of us all together.  We never did find we had a lot of time to chat – we did not take breaks and at the end of the session – I swear – it was like we had just arrived.  However, when I would get home, I felt I had been at class all day long – there was so much information to process.

The first class was great because we had images of all the artists presenting in the next 10 weeks around the gallery.  Patrick Meyer was great at introducing each presenter and also ensured there was a snapshot of our group and the instructor that later was displayed on facebook and Instagram.  I never found myself looking very “excited” mostly looking very concentrated and intense… but I digress.  The teachers used a projector if they need to show us visual pieces of art, but they also had notes, pieces of their work that they brought in and other reference materials. 

Our first instructor Jan Crawford  Take a look at her amazing work!  We spent almost 3 hours learning about her and reviewing line and design and so much more.

For the moment, I will leave my thoughts on the Foundation Program and mention that I will be posting more about this in future blogs. However, I have a few other things I want to mention.

I will be coming back to my information about my cruise aboard Cunard this fall - but this has to wait for the moment as there are a few juried shows I want to enter at the Federation and....I just finished my last class for the West Vancouver Community Center until January. #36660 . T

I would like to promote my upcoming class of WATERCOLOUR WITH SONIA MOCNIK starting Jan 18th - THursdays from 9 to 12 at the West Vancouver Community Center in the Arts classroom. This is a 10 week class working through different styles of watercolour to help you find your own personal style.  We will also incorporate water colour theory and how values are so important to the foundation of each painting. I taught this particular class for the first time this fall and tried to incorporate some online social media aspects including you tubes and pinterest sites that help to convey the particular style of painting.  I will be including botanicals, urban realism, pen and ink, graphic art, expressionist, portraits and more into the ten week class.  I will demo part of the painting of the day and I really encourage the class to attempt to paint during class time.  It will also be helpful to take time out and paint more at home so we can do some critiques in class as well to help you with reviewing your own work. To register you can call       604 925 7270 class # 36662 or register online with

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