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October 08,2017
Sept 10th on the QE

Sept 10, morning and afternoon class - further discussions of color and mixing. More people wanted to try the flamenco dancer which was something everyone really liked working on. for those starting the project in the am, we did not try any background washes, we just left the white of the paper.

We completed a bull fighter step by step in the afternoon.  This price was more abstract and began with a very simple outline of the cape, the head of the bull fighter and the rump of the bull. We began again with the wash in the background similar to the day before, leaving only the small area of the bull fighters face white. Cadmium red was dropped into the cape. Burnt sienna dropped into the area of the bull. Yellow orche was brush under the cape in a dry brush format to capture the dust flying around the bull ring. Alizarin Crimson and burnt umber were added into the folds of the cape. Ultramarine blue was added added onto of the burnt umber if a grey shadow was desired. The mix of ultramarine blue, alizarin Crimson and burnt umber was used for the bullfighter´s hair. Ultramarine was used for the bull fighter´s shirt. Spatter could also be used around the picture or some loose brush strokes. Some found the picture a little too abstract and added a tail to the bull or feet to the bull fighter.

Our captain worked really hard to steer the ship to calmer waters and there was almost no movement making a much better day to paint.

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