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June 21,2017
Watercolor, watercolor Everywhere!

So, while Mid Main art fair has come and gone for the year...and preparations are underway for June 10th next year.......just saying......I have to shout out that the three leading ladies, Enda Bardell, Elisabeth Sommerville and Fran Alexander did an amazing job of organizing the event. Sure we all helped and did some things,  but they truly pulled it all together.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Now as paint brush continues in search of watercolor paper, I must say, my expressiveness has given way to 00 and 01 brushes...sometimes in my desire for details, I just can't help it! Oh to be doing free and loose washes on the paper again....I am sure it will come back to me, I just have to get these urges out of my system.

So many great calls for submissions, so little time.  

I'm enjoying my exploring some of my Mediterrean scenes and the beautiful oranges and blues that work so well in that environment.   However, at the same time I want to paint the cool greens here and all the lovely water and mountains and clouds and sunsets....there will be lifetimes and lifetimes in all the beauty I have around me.

Just rambling as I try to work to a deadline for the next 3 art shows.  And I have to start getting my curriculum together for the upcoming cruise and the fall classes I will be presenting in West Vancouver.   I also will be enjoying some plein air with other Federation artists.  

So off for some needed sleep and back to exploring more watercolors tomorrow.  Happy Painting!

Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 10:24


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