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December 16,2016
Merry Christmas!

Its almost 3 months since I left Rome airport after the wonderful Med cruise.  I'm thinking of all the wonderful guests who journeyed and painted with me during that time.  I hope they are very well and getting into the festive spirit whatever holiday they may be sharing!  I'm also thinking of my many followers on social media and my friends and family in Vancouver and hope they are enjoying the festive looking environment.  I have had a few people complaining of the snow and cold, but it looks absolutely beautiful in the photos that everyone is posting!

I have decorated the small space here in Lake Chapala with fuschia coloured poinsettias and various odds and ends that I have accumulated over the years of coming down here as a snow bird. Why fuschia? Well, the outside of the bungalow is painted partially in a pinky fuschia colour with blue accents and the name of the space is Casa Rosa.  So it goes well with the exterior decor.

Stockings hang by the chimney with care....yes there is a fireplace and right now, it's really necessary.  Actually I have the kitchen oven going as it keeps the place warmer! I have even taking to baking more as to keep the interior warm.  There must be some kind of inversion with the weather happening because of the ash coming from the nearby Colima Volcano.  We can see the haze, we don't see actual ash, but there are online advisories and a web cam of all the recent explosions.  But I digress.....

I renewed my subscription to international artist magazine for the online version. Looking forward to all the great articles!  I renewed my FCA membership and got my website updated and am working on the commission pieces people have been asking for.  

Now i have to look at my list and check it twice to see all the projects I need to get finished!  Happy Painting to all and all a good night!

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