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December 11,2016
Light, Colour and my artist statement

I have been taking watercolor classes with Migel Nunez Flores in Mirasol.  He is an architect by trade but has a lovely studio and enjoys plein air painting.  His style is loose and he works with a very set group of colors which have really helped me work on my washes.

What I keep being surprised by each time I take the class is the effect a continuous set of washes and glazes can have.  We usually work with cobalt blue, cereleum blue, prussian blue, raw sienna and yellow ochre and a little alizarin crimson.  These create the hazzy blues, greys and greens of the lake effect down here as well as the long stretches of fields and dry grasses.  Its been great to finally feel the painting the way I have been taking photographs over the year.

This is different for me because I tend to love to put in color and enjoy the elements of color and light and whimsy that I create.  These are more subdued paintings, more etheral and if I can combine my love of color with these effects, I hope to create some really interesting work.

Right now, I am continuing to finish some commissions and work on paintings for a set of gallery openings in the new year.  They are all with the Lake Chapala Painting Guild, and this helps the ongoing process of entering open calls for showing work.  I have that still to do as well.  As Hycroft Gallery has asked the Hycroft Painters to submit for the summer gallery again.  I have to get this finished later today.  Everything is updated except for my Artist Statement.  I thought if I began writing in my blog, it would help to get my statement clear in my mind.  

Oh and I almost forgot!  I had my first sale of a print on Fine Art America this week.  A person from Birmingham created a tote bag from one of my paintings.  I really hope they enjoy it or that it brings pleasure to whoever they bought it for!  Great idea!

Happy Painting!

Misty Lake Chapala

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