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September 07,2016
Staying cool in the Greek Isles

Welcome back to the ongoing insites into the watercolour classes aboard Cunard's Queen Victoria.  Yesterday, we had 12 students in the morning class where we worked on shape, form, tone and more.   I introduced the class to what makes a painting believable. We used a lemon as our subject.  First I had the guests copied and transfer the shape of a lemon onto a piece of paper.  We then proceeded to work from the initial shape of the lemon which is the profile as it appears against a background.  Then to bring in greater realism, we introduced form conveyed by contour lines on the shape.  This is a simple way to convey three dimension and solidity.

then we moved to Tone by using hatching and cross hatching to create a tonal image.  This intreprets the subject in terms of light and darkness.  For example, rounded forms require a gradual graduation from light to dark.  you can study your subject through half closed eyes. This allows you to distinguish the lightness and darkest areas from half tones.

by utilizing a flash light, and shining it on the lemons we had in class, well could see where the directed light fell on the subject and make tonal values accordingly.  By adding shadows to your painting adds an illusion of weight.  The object appears to be resting firmly on a surface rather than floating in space.  Also, shadows are strongest immediately behind the object, getting lighter as they stretch away.

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