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August 30,2016
Ode to a Greek Urn

Today in class, we worked on values.  We started with a value chart using the Cotman watercolour Intense Blue.  We applied variations in tones for one color going from strongest to almost no color.  Then the guests traced a scene of mountains that I sketched of the view from Kotor and used the tones to show the variation of the landscape. 15 guests attended the morning class from 10 to 12.  I talked about view, composition and sketching with a little on perspective.  The we went on to copy a picture from an urn that I saw in Athens.

The picture began with a yellow ochre wash, then a second application with some spattering and use of sponge to create an aged effect.  We then created a deep grey by using Alizarin Crimson, Sap green and Intense blue in equal amounts to apply to the handles, neck and base of the urn.  We added some pattern, a little Alizarin Crimson on the neck and tired to applying shading for a 3D effect.

Some guests returned in the afternoon to continue with their creations from the morning and others joined the class for the first time. We quickly covered the color wheel and got the new guests right up to speed with tonal values, washes and how to use the brushes in the packages they received.  Finally the class copied a old town scene with church and roofs to help them do more washes, brush strokes and some further color mixing.

We did not complete the last project, but did manage to display pieces that were done earlier in the day.  I then mentioned tomorrow's class will be a market scene with the introduction of people....they seemed interested...we'll see how many come to class when the sunshine beckons outside!

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Jeremy said...
Hi Sonia It was a wonderful class, very enjoyable for a person new to painting. I'll be coming to more of the classes. Jeremy Aug 31, 2016 06:28
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