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July 01,2016
Happy Canada Day

Hey Cooper, wherever you are!  I had such a great time painting a small portrait of you! and enjoying the moment with your grandparents!  You were so engaged and "into" the art!!!!  Maybe in 20 years you will understand the old soul you are and how you are connected to art!  Thank your parents for the gift of you!  It was such a wonderful opportunity to answer your question " will you paint something for me?"

I had an amazing day today as part of the Federation of Canadian Artists!  The opportunity to paint onsite at Granville Island with the amazing Artist Fran Alexander was so fun!!!!  Helen Duckworth, the Gallery Coordinator had everything ready for us to start the day!  CMHC donated the tent (thanks for that!) and Fran and I were ready to paint and spread the word about Federation!  We had Lawren Harris standing by in spirit providing us with the history of how the Federation was formed and why we are who we are!  His poster at our tent gave the Granville Island guests the opportunity to learn how the Federation of Canadian Artists were formed and how we operate.

It was amazing how many people made their way to the Federation Gallery to see the current AIMAE exhibition.  Over 30 of the paintings have sold and there are so many great artists on display!

Thank you to everyone who visited our tent and display and took away a card or piece of art!  We are grateful for our interest and encouragement!

Remember, the upcoming events that I'm involved in.... my solo show at the Unitarian church goes down Sunday at 12:30....still an opportunity to view the show and purchase.  July 6th at 6:30 to 8pm at the Hycroft Gallery, 1489 McRae Ave., you are invited to the opening of the Summer show for the Hycroft Painters; Eva Wideman, Sarah Johnstone, Mary Stott, Joyce Goodwin and myself.  We will have the gallery for the summer with an evolving exhibit as items sell and the art cards for the Scholarship fund will be available as well.  July 4thh is also the start of the "CANCON" exhibition at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.  My two pieces - Ferry to Bowen and Clouds, Like Life, are Ever Changing will be on display until July 17th!

July 17th is the  same day that I will be in Ladner painting up a storm with the Grand Prix Challenge!  Then its onto more paint outs and the Harmony Arts Festival .... more info on that later.... things are moving fast and furious....your not going to believe what's coming up next....  but you'll have to wait for the next blog!


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