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April 24,2016
Culture Show Federation Gallery Granville Island

The volunteers at the Federation just finishing hanging the show "Culture" at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.  Several artists that are part of the show, include myself with "Sun Bathed Aztec Reflection" and "Lady in the Shadows", the other artists include Susannah Paranich, Carol McQuaid, Alice Botrill, and Caroline Dahlmanns and many more!  The show is up until May 8, 2016.  Please see for gallery times and an online version.

What an incredible weekend of watercolor in Fabriano!  The FabrianoinAquarello facebook page is teaming with photographs of the artists and the events that took place!  Just heard from Master Artist Alfonsos L. Tejada, leader of the Canadian/Bahamas contingent ,that he is on his way to Urbino in Italy and its raining - makes it a little harder to plein air when the weather isn't as cooperative.

We may only have been 14 at the end of the day, but we had a great time at the paint out put on by Lawren Harris and the Federation of Canadian Artists! The weather started out a bit cold and wet, but the artists either braved it or took shelter under the trees near the Jericho peer.  What was amazing is that many of us knew each other and had no idea that the others were coming!  Made it that much more interesting to catch up and also to meet other Federation Members.  Artist Charles Easton volunteered to be the coordinator on site and he was so well dressed for the event, bright green jacket and pink stripe touque!  He also had some skookum plein air painting gear which I was admiring!  A fun day was had by all!

This week, I will be getting together with the other Hycroft Painters and discussing our upcoming show at the Hycroft Gallery - " Summer " will be running from July 6th to September 2nd.  We hope to have a couple of impromptu session of painting out on the garden during the summer as well.  I'm really looking forward to it!

Just submitted more paintings to the "limitless" online call at the Federation. I'm hoping to get a few more pieces into more calls at the Federation, but its always difficult trying to grasp the theme and how a painting fits it.  Sometimes, I just have to say, ok, do it and not procrastinate because a "theme" can be interpreted so many different ways.  That's what creativity is all about!

Sun Bathed Aztec Reflection

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