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March 04,2016
Time is slipping into the Future #art

What a busy few weeks!  Love in the Air was wonderful and we had a great opening.  Now we are already to show again as part of Interntational Women's week.  The opening will be on March 6th from 5 to 7pm at the Ajijic Cultural Center.  There will be a people's choice award as well.

Between getting ready for this show and the next two shows here, I decided to challenge my painting skills with the "Opus Daily Practice Challenge".  29 days of posting on my social media.  It was fun, exciting, difficult, tiring at times but it was worth it!  I made new friends and saw some amazing art being posted!

As well, I finished the cover painting for friend and author Gerald Brown who will be launching his new book "The Villager".  I made several versions of the old black and white photo and we finally came up with something that worked!

Now I'm waiting for a painting to be framed for the next show.  I've finally finished updating my web page with my newer works and I have already prepped an acrylic that I want to try for the upcoming ASA show.

Its been so busy, I have neglected even my regular shopping and cooking duties!  Time to go and get some food on the table....

Have a great art weekend, whatever you are up to!

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