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February 10,2016
Crunch Time

It was a fantastic weekend with over 400 people attending the Open Studios event in our location!! Thank you to all the guest who participated in my art demos and asked questions!  The "Lake Chapala, Parts Unknown" coloring pages were a great hit and I highly recommend using them with either pencil crayons, felts or watercolor pencils and an artist flo brush which just adds the right amount of water to ensure a nice movement of the color on the heavier paper.

It was so interesting to find out how people use their range of coloring pages and coloring books...from stress relief, to bedtime relaxation, to helping an A type personality, to trying out painting without feeling the pressure to know how to just having fun on the airplane ride!

We had some variable weather to the weekend - the Saturday morning was extremely windy and not very condusive to easels and loose paper on display.  However, besides the wind, the weather stayed relatively reasonable if a little cold.

Thanks to my studio partners Julie Hensley and Susie Wright for handling all the reception and registration details! The event ran so smoothly at our location! Thanks again to the owners of Adobe Walls, we really appreciated the studio space for the weekend!!!

Just a reminder; check out the #opusdailypractice on social media.  There are so many wonderful entries to look at and be inspired by.

Another remind; the exhibition "Love is in the Air" will have its opening reception at the Cultural Center in Ajijic on February 13 from 4-6pm.  I'm madly trying to get the art work for this finished.  As a matter of fact, haven't done my sample for the practice today - so will have to cut this blog short and get back to painting!



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