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August 31,2015
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I am fascinated by how art can be so emotional, so challenging, demanding of time and mind and creating art is much the same!  I am also fascinated how much I keep learning each day just from trying to be an artist and learn about other artists!

The other day I came across a comment that if you paint, your soul needs art and that's how it expresses itself.  I definitely found that statement made sense to me - the subconscious, the spirit of oneself, coming out through visual art or whatever art form is the spirit within you.

So that brings me to "Muse" and to the great morning last Friday at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.  The Arts Avenue magazine is out for the Fall and the POTE exhibition is on display currently at the gallery.  I was one of the many volunteers who came together to stuff and glue the envelopes with the magazines for the mailout.  I met artists Zoya, Anna, Marian, Linda, Barb and even another Vancouver Sketch Club Member Judith happily underway making sure the Arts Avenue magazine is sent to over 2000 members of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  I also found out that one of the new submissions will be paintings to do with your artist's Muse.  That brought up all sorts of discussion between myself, Artist Barbara Cardaro and Stefanie Steinwendtner Admin Assistant at FCA about what is Muse to an artist.  I encourage you to go the "" website and look at the details of submission for November 1st, 2015.  I also encourage you to look up Barb and her course at the Federation for September 14th on art journaling - it just might capture the illusive muse we are sometimes searching for.

As I am madly trying to get ready for the Artful Reflections show on September 23rd at the Coach House at Hycroft, I of course am always distracted with everything possible.  Today was no different, but so fun and enlightening.  I have passed by several times now, a sculpture that is located between Quebec and National St. near the end of False Creek.  I have not had the opportunity to look closely at the signage that is now posted there, but I have noticed the Bear Paw print that appears as possibly the signature on a large tree trunk beneath several various sized crushed cars that sit atop this beautiful but dead, tree trunk.  I have also walked along the nearby sea wall at dusk and have seen the glowing headlights from the top car - eerily beaming into the distance.  It fascinates me and of course, slips my mind, once I have moved on from the location. However, today at the HSBC building Atrium, there was a miniature version of the same sculpture, along with more paintings and other sculptures and..... the binder with information of the artist - Marcus Bowcott.  Finally a name of the artist and a name for the sculpture "Trans am Totem"!

Late tonite, I had a chance to view Marcus's website and facebook page and I encourage you to look! there is so much of his concept of Vancouver, and changes in culture/city that are very interesting.  Although the exhibit is up already, the opening night is in September.  Now I can look on this sculpture and better understand what the artist was thinking and the process that he went through to create it!

Of course, now I need to get myself focused and produce some more work to have at the next where is my Muse when I need it......


Posted by Sonia Mocnik at 11:23


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