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September 13,2014
Gibson's Paint Out! and International Painting Day

I headed out early this morning and met fellow artists Hans and Ghyslaine Grey on our way to enjoy the events at the Gibsons Paint Out organized by Gibsons Artist Jan Poynter and sponsored by the town of Gibsons. We began with a 1 and 1/2 hour demonstration on plein air acrylic painting by Jan. She provided so many great tips on setup and composition when painting en plein air. Then we all headed out to the various posts and venues setup for the event. The weather was so great, we couldn't easily make a decision on where to setup. I ended up at the government dock near Molly's Reach. Other artists included Federation of Canadian Artist Alfonso Tejada who was also completed two separate on site paintings of the fishing trawlers and then the landing area. Jan kept everyone motivated with picture taking and we took breaks as needed to view each other's work. Some even managed a pint at Grandma's pub to help fortify their spirits. Tomorrow, the event continues with a sketch crawl in the morning, a demo by AFCA Jeff Wilson, and more plein airing. The event finishes with the art being displayed at the Art Building and Landing Gallery.The event is free and you can get the schedule on Jan Poynter's web site janpoynter.comGibsons Landing Plein Air at the

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