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August 21,2014
Sketching in the Crescent, just off McCrae

The weather started out fairly cool compared to our past Wednesday sketching sessions. However, 8 of us from the Vancouver Sketch Club showed up to sketch around the Cresent, the park or homes in the vicinity. The sky was overcast so that made for less shadows and better colors. I settled on the corner house with more of a Tudor style. At first, afraid to put ink to paper directly, I did a prelimary sketch in pencil. However, as the shape of the house and the surrounding trees took form and the perspective looked good, I took to ink. Then it was just a matter of getting all the roof tiles, the chimneys and the trees filled in. The beech trees in the side and background had such a nice wine color, that I went with a quinacadrone crimson and gold and blended them in. The siding on the house was a mix of viridian, phalo blue and a little brown. I used more gold in the other trees in the forefront. And here is the result, a great sketching day all around. Next week we are in the Olympic Village with plans to go over to the birding island.The Crescent

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