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June 25,2022
Upcoming events

Listening in the distance to the rhythmic drumming as the Dragon Boat festival is going on.  Great weather, lots of activity and it's so nice to see people participating in large events again!

The Gallery at Hycroft will be showing works from a few member artists including myself.  July 6 - 6:30-7pm is the opening on the 2nd floor.

I am also busy getting ready for my next set of classes at the Roundhouse.  There may be one opening still available ... not sure. We will be painting patio umbrellas in summer settings, exploring a few nature scenes and trying some plein air.  Let's hope the weather stays this way!

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June 08,2022
Demo at the Roundhouse plus….

One show finished, next classes tomorrow. Great attendance at Mid Main - thank you to everyone who came to the one day event. Sales were good and pedestrian traffic was really good since Covid!

Finished the display for the week celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Roundhouse and " Older and Creating a life we love".  It's amazing when a student who has been taking classes with me since I started teaching at the Roundhouse last year - asked to help with the display - it made it so much better!  Shout out to Kathryn Ayres and her help with the hanging of the show. Up until Friday - it's going to be a lot of fun activities!

I am demoing "Oregon grape" and water droplets for an hour after my regular Wednesday morning class.

don't forget Opus has lots of great plein air activities and possiblities to win so check out the create flyer and their online community page.  Their display of materials has some new and interesting things!

I had a great opportunity to meet Theresa - the owner of Rath Art Supplies on Main Street just below broadway. She has a wonderful set of reasonably prices=d watercolour supplies including Fabriano paper, brushes and a great little pallet for plein air - you have to go check it out - just try to get there on foot or public transport because it is really busy with the broadway changes.  There's great coffee shops just around there - so lots to do for a weekend. 

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