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August 24,2021
Will it begin or not? that is the question

Well, masking is now mandatory again in public indoor spaces and numbers are increasing again.

That said, I have finally stepped foot into my shared studio space at Portside Studios.  The co-op have done a beautiful job of putting our names up on the wall as you enter - that made it so welcoming to climb the stairs again!!!!

I had two productive afternoons and am happy with the space.  I do have more things to bring in that I just go so used to in my makeshift home office.  As I write this, I am thinking I need the spray bottle and more water containers.  It is a bit like my cubby at the West Vancouver Community Center.  I took almost everything out of it last March after my class finished but it was so helpful not to have to cart stuff back and forth all the time.  That also suggest to me to get my other pallette setup of my same mix of paints. Its exciting to thing of these things as it puts me in a better frame of mind that things are becoming a little more normal even if there will be more masking and maybe more social distancing.

Portside has really done a lot to ensure all the artists and visitors are safe!  Notices on the door, hand sanitizer in a places, alerts to wash hands when you enter and to spray down areas when you are finished.  Feels like being at the gym!  

I am hoping that the Roundhouse class on Wednesdays will indeed start again on September 22nd.  I really want to start getting my excercise by walking and I hope to do it to the studio too.  If I get my act together, I may even get my tires pumped on my bike.  That would be another really good goal to put into effect.

Feels almost like some new year resolutions; but its all about goals and changing and keeping a positive mind set.  That being said - time to get my website updated with some more petunia paintings that are completed.

Happy Painting!

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