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March 05,2021
More watercolour classes

Time is fast approaching for more new zoom classes including "Sketching and Watercolour" starting on Friday evenings March 12.  The next Intermediate classes are Tues eves Mar 16 and Wed 12:30-3:00pm March 17.

Information for classes is listed on my website as well as on my Opus Art Supply community information.

there are a few places still available.


Sketching and Watercolour includes short excercises to help feel comfortable using some drawing skills. Working on line and wash paintings that include using some fine tip liners or ink.  Other parts of the class are just having a great time using watercolour on all sorts of fun subjects.  Excercises and painting will all have some reference materials including video and write ups as well as templates for those fearful of drawing.

Intermediate watercolours focuses on a real photo that I have taken and applies a compositional style in watercolour.  I take you through the demo step by step and also include video and reference material. There is a loose colourful landscape, a cafe scene, a still life, a line and wash, a reflective water scene and a spring landscape. There is time in class to ask questions. In between classes, there is group Facebook page where you can share your paintings and ask questions as well.

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