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February 13,2021
Happy Friendship Day!

So many things to be grateful for in these unprecedented times. Paintings are being shown in several venues and I am enjoying demoing the online classes that I have been able to share with many students.

One of the lovely things I remember about my visits to Mexico is how they celebrate February 14.  Valentine's Day in Mexico is known as Día del amor y la amistad or "Friendship" day. It is a wonderful way to share good thoughts and wishes to everyone.  It's so important now with everything that is going on.  
We are so isolated and unable to visit with our family, friends and acquaintances that even a quick email or card to someone can help to buoy spirits.

Snow is falling here in Vancouver and that is certainly a fun thing to get out and enjoy the fresh air as the temperatures have rebounded somewhat from the Artic front that was blowing through earlier this week.

Maybe it's celebrating the new year of the "ox", friendships or "snow", I hope you take time for yourself and also for time to get out the paintbrush and try a little creativity.

Happy Painting!

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