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December 22,2021
The winter solstice

And so begins our winter and holiday season.  I am busy painting and catching up with updates to my website.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and the temperatures will not plumet to -15 this coming Christmas day.  I don't think there will be much activity anywhere - Covid or no Covid.  If the temperatures go down - that is going to be incredible.  The last really bad cold spell was about 11 years ago and the temperatures went down to -10.  That was at the beginning of December.  With all the water we have been getting and then such a deep freeze - I can't imagine what we can anticipate!

Well, as long as I have a plan to keep the kitchen stocked and keep my painting inspirations at hand - I should be ok.  I have a demo to design, a set of online classes to get together and I have to think about my next set of in person classes coming up as well.  I just need to keep my hands warm while I'm creating!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may the coming year be more normal than in the past!  Thank you for your continuing support and following on my many platforms!


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December 01,2021
Let it Rain!

I hope my old car survives all this moisture!  I haven't been driving it much and as everything, it needs to have a little exercise too.  Like me, we both have seen better days! However, the car came through once again - first to pick up Buddha Flower from North Van Arts council at City Scape Gallery.

The Anonymous show is incredible! Only a week in and most of the paintings have been sold - seeing all the tags hanging is fabulous!

I found out my watercolour and ink "Alice Lake" is rented outnagain as part of the Art Rental Program. I was happy to hear that!

Then my trusty green car took me to another artist and friend on The North Shore. I brought her paintings back from a different show that we were in.  We caught up over coffee and even caught sight of a couple of humming birds feeding just outside her window.  With the really wet weather, it was amazing to think such tiny creatures would venture out at all!

Back home and the car did get some water in the passenger side - pretty good since so much rain was sloshing everywhere with this atmospheric "bomb".  Now it was getting all the Art from art shows out of the trunk.  I still have paintings and props from the Crawl as well as miscellaneous from Hycroft for the Holidays.  

I really appreciate all the art people have purchased in the past weeks!  It has me motivated again.  I even managed to put in a couple of new submissions for calls for entry.  

so, I'm sipping ginger tea and typing my thoughts and then it's off to sleep.  Tomorrow morning, I'll finish prepping for instructing my watercolour class at the roundhouse. Which reminds me I need to let everyone know there are winter sessions starting in 2022 January on Wednesdays.  It's a combination of demos, talks on watercolour material and techniques and the ability to paint your own subjects with gentle critiquing and coaching from me.  So far, my students are too keen and have me doing a lot of demo work.  

it's all fun and exciting - and then I am tired, but happily so - especially the more back to normal we can get.  It's not easy teaching with a kn95 mask on.  Not bad for me, but not easy if you need to read lips and can't see mine under my mask.  Somehow we manage.

Have a wonderful day, evening or teatime and Happy Painting!

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