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December 31,2020
Happy New Year 2021

It feels so good writing 2021!  At last, a new year to bring some new perspective to our Coviditis.  However, even with the vaccines now in progress, it will still take time to bring some normalicy.  However, at least there is some progress and that means only good things!

So, my new years resolutions will be painting, teaching, and more painting.  I will try and actually start some kind of regular excercise - I was lifting some books off of shelves yesterday and today I was really feeling it. Not good!! I may be excercising my mind, hands and arms when I paint and type, but I need to get the rest of my "esprit de corps" in line!

Two paintings have been accepted into the Federation Gallery and there is more being offered online through the gallery in coming months.  Yey!  Riparian Rhapsody will be in the works on paper show and Empty Nester is the the Artist's Choice show.

I will be demoing online for Opus Art Supplies again on Jan 10th at 11am. Sign up with the link below if you are interested.

My online classes will also begin on Jan 15 for a new online beginner course which includes "Mom and daughter" opportunities for the price of the class.  Four classes are $60 on are 2.5 hrs on Friday nights.

My intermediate online class will begin on Jan 19 for the evening classes and Jan 20th for the day classes.  They run for 6 classes.  $110 for the set of 6 or $20 for an individual class.  Email me for more information or check out more info under instruction on my website.

I have decided not to attempt any inhouse classes for now until I can be assured that numbers are decreasing.  It turns out if a person is auto immune compromised, they do not recommend taking the vaccine until more has been tested.  Here's hoping that will be much sooner than later.

Wishing everyone a safe holiday season and a much brighter even more creative 2021.  Happy New Year! and thank you for all your support and encouragement during 2020!Watercolours by Sonia Mocnik

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December 03,2020

A quick note that the Anonymous show has had an amazing response - the show has been up a week and the goal of $30,000 has been surpassed! My donated painting also sold and I am very happy to have been able to contribute to this great cause.

now onto more fun processes! Working on a new set of classes to start mid January and if I get organized, a regular Instagram video on basic watercolour techniques.  

the competition is so great in the online world now - but it's really been a good experience!

some of the videos are up on YouTube that display a demonstration of my colouring pages - take a look if you have time.

now to start painting some holiday themed material for more future events!

seasona greetings....

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