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November 10,2020

The virtual culturecrawl begins.

I have setup my twitch account, tried a short demo today.  It stayed up for a few minutes because I did not like my video techniques.  I will be trying a new video shortly.  I see I can save them and they can be up for people to watch, so I will be demoing my own colouring pages to start out with.  The weekends I will have more formal demos.  

Demos are on Saturdays from 11-1 on Nov 14 and 21.  There may be more, so keep checking the website to see if I add some dates.

Even with the restrictions, there are still some studios in the crawl that will have live visits, but they must be booked through the website.

All my activity will be online and through the crawl site, my social media feeds and the website.  If there is a painting you are interested in, chat with me, contact me by email and we can discuss further.  

I also have cards with images of my paintings and colouring pages available.  They can also be purchsed through the Art Shop online or at the shop. 

Gallery/Art Box Gift Shop Hours:
12-4pm Thursday-Saturday

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