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August 26,2019
Apple pencil

Everyday there are those bumps in the road.  This morning, got through my blog post and then suddenly the iPad died.  I was so sure I could get enough charge to finish the entry without losing it, but it didn’t happen.

it so reminds me of all the instances that I get a great idea, start getting it down on paper and then - i can’t find the paint or the pen, or the special mr. clean eraser just when I need it.  Then my frustration usually ends up on the painting.  It just necessary to be prepared and ready to go at a moments notice.

So with that in mind, I wanted to write about my experience so far with the Apple Pencil.  Yesterday, I purchased it at the downtown Apple store.  I had a hard time justifying the purchase up until yesterday.  I had a prompt from one of my students that will be in my sketching class.  She is taking an online course and hopes to use the pencil while in class.  Ok, so now I have to be ready to talk to this. I have already spoken about the pen and Procreate App, but I just seem to get way laid when I want to work on it.  I had hoped to find the pencil while away last winter in the Caribbean, but couldn’t find a duty free location that offered it.

So, I held off, there being umpteen other creative things to get involved with.  I purchased the app a few months ago, have been following Artist Paula O’briens from the Sunshine Coast on her exploration with this and then - just left it in one of those forgotten places on my reminder list.

Ok, so yesterday, I give in, i’m Downtown, it’s so close to where I am and it’s just time. I get to the store, i’m Immediately greeted by an Apple employee and with 3 minutes have the pencil in my hand.  The store is crowded, so I don’t waste anytime on checking anything else out - just pay with his portable keypad, he find’s my Apple email on file, email’s me the receipt and I am out the door.  What was I waiting for?  It even had a year’s warranty.

My fellow Hycroft artist had the pencils already more than a year ago, the. Two other students were given them for presents, but no one was really using it. In a class on sketching, I did have the students bring them and we found out they need to be charged and only work with the one device - your device.

I started paying with it last night, but found Procreate wasn’t giving me a nice dark line and I can’t figure out where to get the size of pencil I want.  Time to go to the YouTube video for Procreate.

i will be writing more on how I like this product as I am hoping to use it as a digital source for setting up composition and colour for testing out things that I want to paint. I’ll see how I like it and how it compares to drawing on paper with a real pencil.

more to read on my blog in the next while ...I hope... if I don’t get distracted with something else.

happy Painting and sketching!

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August 19,2019
Watercolour classes and more

The summer is ebbing, but it looks like Vancouver will still get more nice weather. I’m slowly working my way through paintings, cards and art supplies as I reorganize my studio material.

I am enjoying three watercolour books that I took out from the library to provide inspiration for my upcoming watercolour classes.  I have a 4 day class for sketching and watercolour and last class was full of great ideas, I have to find some new material to add more to the new class.  As this class is set at the Music Box, there is some great time to enjoy the common gardens and the beautiful waterfront.  I’m expecting a group that already knows each other quite well, so there needs to be time to catch up and enjoy the cameraderie! 

A bicycle and beach scene is definitely one subject I want to explore. There has been an elusive Otter that pops up every so often, so that’s another good sketching subject.  There are quite a few local eagles which could also make an interesting composition.

The class, Watercolour with Sonia is going to be a variety of subjects with opportunity to try your own subject and style as well as try some loose painting without pre-drawing.  We always have the light boxes at the ready to trace, but I want to ensure the students get a chance to becfreer and not so technical.

Watercolour Intermediate will be all about exploring the use of three primary colours to create new painting.  We finished off the last sessions with a negative painting of clematis and one student forwarded a photo of her painting - she and I were really pleased with how it turned out.

Happy Painting!

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August 13,2019
The time has come

so, Harmony is over and what fun it was! Made new friends, met new students, enjoyed great food and music and loved the Bobbie Burgess Exhibition at the Ferry Building!

thank you everyone who liked my Facebook entries at Artist Sonia Mocnik. I also thank all my 350 followers on instagram!

right now, I still need to take down the art work at Jones and co Framers who were really amazing to work with. Learning about the equipment they have to Mat and frame art was super cool!

lots of my art cards sold during the last week and a sunflower painting sold at the Federation gallery!  I am very happy that my creations have found homes! 

Don´t forget, August 14 registration begins for my watercolour classes.

happy Painting!


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August 02,2019
29th Harmony Arts Festival Starts!

Today at 11am begins the wonderful festival in West Vancouver.  Last night after participating at the First Thursday Art Walk, I went out for coffee and finished around 10pm.  The streets were completely quiet and a few lights were glowing from the tent surroundings at Harmony.  It was surreal as I know it will be very busy today and this weekend with the Art Market, Art Speak Tent, Art BEAT, the openings of all the shows from the Ferry Building to the Silk Purse Gallery.

I'm heading over this evening for the openings at the Silk Purse Gallery, The Group Exhibition and the Ferry Building and to spend some time at my Art Beat location 1445 Bellevue Avenue.

I will be at Jones and Company Bespoke Framers all day tomorrow to demo watercolour, talk about my techniques and give my guests a chance to try their hand at the medium. I will be instructing a workshop next weekend the 11th from 12-3pm.  There may still be space available #63799 at or 604-925-7270.

See at the Festival!

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