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July 30,2019
Another interesting day

I love having the opportunity to show and sell my work.  I also find it challenging to go through the jurying process.  I'm not great at painting ahead of time for opportunities when it comes to juried shows - so when the let down comes that I didn't make it into the show - I really do feel sad and frustrated.  

Making art for me is part of my soul finding its way in the world, but darn it all, the realities of getting the opportunities to show in a gallery and well viewed locations is really tough!  What a roller coaster ride of emotions each time I think I've finally reached a new milestone only to find out the jurers didn't find the painting fit or had enough merit to put into the show.  I know how I feel - getting my students to try this process out is like - awful - if they don't get excepted - they haven't even had the chance to know the good from the rejected.

Anyways - still getting over my last two fails at juried shows - I just need to practise more and forget about trying to keep up with social media or other things.  Organizing my art space in my studio might help to get rid of the creative cobwebs.

I have so much to be grateful for -especially for all the exposure coming up in the Harmony Arts Festival.  I have to focus on those great moments to help overcome the blues from jury rejection.  There will be a creative opportunity and another show and that piece that is stewing in my mind will be ready to put out onto paper...just saying....see you at Harmony!  I hang my ART BEAT pieces tomorrow at Jones and Co Bemoth Framers at 1445 Bellevue in West Vancouver.  It will be a great place to gather - he has a wine bar open during the festival - how cool is that!  I even get to sell my cards.  So I will have both Silk Purse and the Art Shop helping with this and the ART BEAT site.  Wish me good progress with putting up the grids and getting the art to work in the window space! I'm hoping it will be good - but still concerned about the actual dimensions of everything.  Oh well - I'll worry about it in the morning.

In the meantime - get out there and practice - its fun and worth every stroke!

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July 29,2019
Sharing the Joy of Art

It was a fun, busy and productive Monday morning and I was very happy to deliver my painting to the Silk Purse Gallery and find out where I will be helping with the Community Art Project on Thursday.

I met fellow artist Leah Price and found out this will be her first time participating in the Harmony arts festival.  Her event and demonstration will be on August 4th later in the afternoon and she is all about recycling!  Her work is amazing so if you have time to take in her demonstration, check out the website.

As always, it’s such a pleasure to see Master artist Alfonso Tejada, a wonderful mentor and great watercolourist.  He dropped off his painting and had to be off somewhere, but his roles at the Festival are the Plein air Challenge - on August 3rd at 10am - still time to join in and participate! $35 registration but it includes muffins and coffee before and wine and cheese after and you can advance to the Paint on the Mountain event which is sponsored by British Properties and the prizes are fantastic! Alfonso is also demoing on August 6th and then with artist Brian Romer on August 11th at 3pM.

Thanks again to curator Steven Snider at the Silk Purse Gallery, he’s always so up Beat and enthusiastic and his energy abounds! He was repainting the gallery yesterday to prepare for the new show setup today!!!!

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July 25,2019
Another Art day finished

Harmony arts festival is just around the corner and I dropped off the group exhibition piece to the Music Box headquarters.  It was great to see the Coordinator Glenn Madsen and to pick up advertising material for the event. I also stopped at the Silk Purse and dropped off extra cards of the exhibition pieces so more patrons at Harmony can share a piece of what they have seen at the event.  

There is always something Art related to add to my schedule and I managed to get my bio info setup for the Art Beat section of Harmony that will be at Jones and Company bespoke Framers at  1445 Bellevue Ave.  There will be a wine bar outside and I will be sharing the space with two other great artists - Laura Gibson and Ron Yaworsky.

August 3rd I will be outside the shop during the day and painting, so if you happened to be in West Vancouver checking out the festival, I would love to see you.  mention “Baby Shark”and a free art card is there for you!

Happy Painting everyone!


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July 08,2019
upcoming events

Its the best when I can be focused on painting. Its part of the artist activities to continual update the content of their social media sites and webpage.  I prefer painting.  Today - I'm focused on the business side of things.

You will see over the course of today and tomorrow, new calendar events, updated photos of my art work and of course, the blog.

This Thursday - come down to Granville Island - rain or shine and I will be demoing a small watercolour as part of the Federation of Canadian Artists tent in conjunction with the Federation Gallery.  We will be located in the Farmer's market area under the Burrard Street Bridge, just across from the Keg restuarant.  Time is 11 -4pm and I will have original watercolours, colouring pages, art cards and more available.  If you give me the code "baked beans", you will be entitled to a free fridge magnet of my artwork (first 5 to mention this code!)

For the remainder of July - my artwork is on display online with the Postcard Exhibition as part of the Federation Gallery's online exhibit (  Also until the end of August my works are up in the Hycroft Gallery as part of the Summer Exhibition along with artists Eva Wideman, Joyce Goodwin and Sarah Johnstone.

In August - its Harmony Arts Festival!!!  I am very active in this event this year - the group show "Candy Views", Artspeak Tent "Riparian Rhapsody at Harmony" and ART BEAT with Jones & Co. Framing in Ambleside.

I am also presenting a work shop - "Happy Accidents" the sequel.  It is $10 and sign up is through the Harmony Arts Festival, info below.  All materials are included.

Look forward to seeing you at one of these events!

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