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September 23,2018
Wow another plein air finished

its crazy after all the postings and prep for months in advance  and the event comes and goes in a heart beat.  I watched the weather reports intently the last few days and expected the worst conditions.  The morning was really wet, the skies so grey.  Then as I picked up another artist for the event, suddenly, there was blue sky bits in the direction we were headed.

it was the best plein air for me because of all the artists I have come to know and now better recognize and enjoy some time to chat together.

the quality of the work was just incredible! The prizes were the best yet!

master winner of the Dan Gray trophy was Brod Wong - and he was literally stunned to hear his name called.  He has been practising and working hard on his style and it really showed!

there are always lots of side stories to the event - but I think the biggest one was Mike Rossiter and I finding out 10 minutes before the event started that we were at the wrong location. Tent number 13 was not where we were.  We scrambled to get reset up and all the preliminary thinking about our painting - well - it just had to disappear from our minds to focus on our view at hand.  I really appreciate all the friends that came by for the event! it’s back to reality and planning out some real painting time besides the work that I am preparing for my classes.  The planning, goal setting and more doesn’t stop, but the energy and creativity from the great plein air weekend doesnt fade away - it just helps to jump start all the new things ahead.

kudos to Mark Glavina, Pheonix workshop staff and volunteers for all their hard work and effort over the weekend!!!

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September 19,2018
Steveston Grand Prix of Art

I have had the opportunity to participate in 4 Grand Prix over the last several years, 3 in Steveston and 1 in Ladner.  The last two years I’ve been cruising and teaching at sea at the times of these events.  

I’m very excited to be participating again this year.

Mark Glavina, Artist and Owner of the Phoenix Art Workshop and the Travelling Brush does an incredible job setting this event up and providing the volunteers and all the entertainment that goes with this event.  It is an amazing feat! This year the registration has maxed out with 115 participants, 35 of which are going for the grand prize.  This is a new category this year - Masters - which allows the artists to advertise themselves and link to their websites and social media.  

Its wonderful to see so many amazing artists participating!  

The registration begins at 9am and artists are to be ready for the horn signal at 10am when they can start painting. It’s all random, you don’t get to pick your location, but pull it in a lottery format from the depths of the Grand Prix trophy. There will be music in two locations in Steveston as well as the Center of the Britannia Shipyards where artists recongregate for the framing, awards and then the opening of the exhibition!

all are welcome to watch, vote for the people’s choice and interact with the artists.  The paintings will be for sale!

see you there - sept 22nd, this Saturday, Steveston, B.C.

Grand Prix of Art 2018

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