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February 23,2018
Watercolour class details

Here is information on the upcoming watercolour classes I have through the West Vancouver Community Center starting in April.  More information will continue to be posted here and to my other social media sites.  You can always email me for more details at [email protected]  and review the website for west vancouver


Watercolor with Sonia Mocnik#41970

Thursday Morning Classes April 12 to June 28 9-12
Explore watercolour and styles like urban realism, pen and ink, abstract and the expressive painting it inspires. Instruction on colour, composition and techniques as well as using and accessing online technology will help the student discover what corresponds to their authentic self. Students will be
encouraged to achieve a creative and personal expression in their paintings. Intermediate to advanced level of experience.

Explore Watercolour #41930

Thursday Afternoon Classes April 12 to June 14 12:30-3

Scared of silver, glass, glazing and utilizing new ideas in watercolour material? Students will try a new watercolour idea or practice something that has challenged them every class. We will refer to onlineresources and explore materials that are becoming available in the area of watercolour medium. Some experience required.

Enriching Watercolour #42571

Friday morning Ambleside April 20 to June 8 9:30-12
Paint a watercolour each session; all the while learning about planning, composition, values, techniques,
new materials available to gain enriching information on the medium. Detailed instruction will assist
students in achieving their own masterpieces and encourage them to explore the medium of
watercolour in their daily life. There may be a possibility to paint outdoors on location, depending on
the weather. Some experience required.

Plein Air on the Waterfront #43741 June 23 & 24,2018

What is painting en Plein Air? This question is so often asked. It’s painting in the outdoors, experiencing
the changing light and environment and is a movement that really was vitalized by the impressionists
back in the 19 th century when they completed their paintings in the outdoors and not back in the studio.
This weekend workshop will allow you the opportunity to plein air with fun and ease. Spend time in the
outdoors within minutes of everything. Our adventure will start with practical discussion inside the
Music Box building. If the light is right, we will head out and get started. Time will be left for lunch and
then everyone returns for more fun. Washroom facilities are located in the Music Box as well as by John
Lawson Park. Coffee is minutes away, as is, easy access to the Fresh Market between 16th and 17 thAve .
Parking will be available on site at the Music Box parking lot, so no worries about 3 hour limits. Students
are encouraged to bring their lunch and snacks with them. Bring a camera, smart phone and tablet to
take pictures and notes. Accessibility is good as there is flat surfaces along the pathways around the
Music Box building and a washroom on the ground level. We will even try a little urban sketching as
there are some easier areas to get a street scene.
If you have never felt ready to be outdoors, just bring a sketch pad and pencil, some pencil crayons or
Faber-castell markers can help too. We will work with all levels from beginners to advance.
 Painting both days in watercolour or acrylic or just your sketchbook
 Exploring composition in the outdoors
 Understanding what are the essentials, what are the extras
 Where do you find the materials, what materials make the experience better
 What formal plein air activities are available in Vancouver and surrounding areas
 What online information is available?
 How to prepare for the Harmony Arts Plein Air event at the Harmony Arts Festival
Each day of the two days, there will be a short demo. Discussion will include using pen and ink for
journaling, use of conte crayon for sketching, completing value studies, and how to not get
overexposed, tired and dehydrated on a hot sunny day!

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