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October 23,2018
Upcoming Watercolour Classes

Well, great news - the books made it to my friend through the outreach program!

Now for just a little advertising for some of the upcoming classes that I will be instructing at the West Vancouver Community Center through the Arts and Culture Program.

Watercolour Intermediate #47119 and #47120

I have been instructing this class in Artist Elizabeth Cox's absence.  She has now decided to run with a separate open studio concept class and I will be teaching the remaining two sessions.  We try to complete a project in 2weeks and in the two  weeks, I hope to achieve a new or different technique that the student has not attempted before.  In this last set of 6 classes, we completed a loose watercolor with people holding umbrellas, a realism piece with a Catrina, a notan piece with a series of layers and boats as well as a day of trying small samples to remember watercolor techniques from our beginner classes (as a refresher).

#47119 starts November 8 until Dec 13th, thursday afternoons from 12:30 to 3pm.  We will continue with 2 week projects and incorporate ideas from the class.  

#47120 starts January 17

Watercolour with Sonia Mocnik is continuing #47115 and #47116

The next six weeks begin Nov 1st - Dec 6th, 9:00 - 12:00 on Thursdays.  I hope to explore more with botanicals, some more sketching, a new wintery set of cards or small vingnettes and then maybe a pet (dog or cat).  Depending on what the class is interested in, explore something else that is new to them, or that I have recently seen via the online circuit.  

The winter program begins Jan 17 and goes until March 14th.  This is one straight set of classes and I recommend starting and going through the whole program to get the best of all that is offered.  I always send out some pre-information and then if not sufficient, I recap the processes that we went through with pictures from the demo and more writeups.

All classes can be checked online at :

or by phone 604-925-7270

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October 09,2018

Today I was helping out an older friend.  He has given up driving and is now stuck at home until he finds his way with handy dart etc.,  it’s a struggle to say the least.  Where we have been able to make a positive connection is through the library.

they have an outreach program for seniors and we had the speaker phone on with the person running the Fraser valley program.  She was wonderful and so attentive!  We were able to find out what books could be delivered regularly that my friend could enjoy - including some language books.

it really reminded me how much a library has been an asset and sanctuary for me.  Without dwelling on the details for a moment, I just love the feeling of being at a library and enjoying the entire experience of a library.

the more I thought about it today, the more I felt this would be a good artist theme to explore.  So, you hopefully will read more in upcoming blog activity how I explore my emotions of libraries through my art!

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