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July 16,2017
Upcoming plein air activity

Its terrific to get out and be with fellow artists painting. Each time, as I view the sketches that my fellow artists create in the same space, I marvel that the image or scene can be so completely different and unique.  The other day sketching at River Front Park, I couldn't decide what to sketch and then was totally mesmerized by the pattern on the barge lift that was ahead of me.  I didn't see the flowers in the foreground or the great patterns in the greenish grey water, I just kept being fixated on the rust and perfect shapes that you would normally never notice on a working vessel.  

On the 18th, a group of Federation of Canadian Artists are going to be stranded on an island....Habitat Island just minutes away from Olympic Village in Vancouver.  I look at this island from my condo unit daily, have walked by it, stopped to observe it, but have never actually ventured on it.  It was created as part of the redevelopment of the area.  It is a real natural oasis in the middle of an urban setting. I decided that this could be an interesting plein air location.  So, with paint and easel in hand ....  we'd will be setting up and painting, on, around and by the island.  Come see our progress.. I don't think we will really get stranded, but it's a great lead in to a fun day of painting.

On the 22nd, I will join fellow paint out painters for a new venue out in Semiahmoo (white rock) as part of the paint the town event.  It is free to enter and all the pieces of art will go up on their gallery until August 31st to be available for sale.  I used to visit White Rock often and it will be great to see how it has changed in recent years.  Check out Semiahmoo Arts - Paint the town- on Facebook and the web.

August 5th at Ambleside, you can see me attempt to paint a masterpiece again as part of the Grand Prix of plein air at the harmony arts festival.  I am very grateful to Harmony over the years as I have participated in several group exhibitions, Art Beat and also won awards as part of the plein air activity.  This event sounds great and different as we will be competing to paint the following day up on Cypress village... and there will be a display tent with art for sale.  All great!  Check out the Harmony arts festivals web site or on facebook. 

As always, would love to see you at one of these event, to come by, say hi and enjoy all the artists and great art.

Express, Fraser River

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July 02,2017
Hycroft Gallery Opening July 5th

Even if the weekend of Canada Day is not finished yet, I want to invite all my blog followers to the Summer Gallery Opening at Hycroft this Wednesday. From 6:30 to 8pm, Hycroft Painters will welcome you to our latest show.  Included in the pieces that I will be showing are paintings from my trip last year through the Mediterrean as well as a couple of paintings of the Hycroft Gardens. 



Under the Arches

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