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May 27,2017
Fireside room at the Unitarian Church

Last minute update, a few of us from the Vancouver sketch club will be providing a short walk and talk about our current show on display at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.  Time is 12:30 in the Fireside room, May 28th.

Also tomorrow, the show goes up at the West End Community Center to promote the 18 artists that will be part of the Mid Main Art Fair (  It is not just visual art, but sculpture and other media.

I have also been given the green light to teach more watercolor classes in West Vancouver in the fall!  Keep track of my website for more details.



False creek reflections

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May 08,2017
Beautiful Canada

What an eventful art week and weekend! On Thursday, I helped out at the Federation Gallery putting the seal on the more than 2000 Arts Avenue magazines that go out to all FCA members.  Turns out there are some difficulties between those who like the paper version and some of us who get the magazine online.  So, everyone is getting a magazine and some info telling you about the problem.  I found that if I log into my, and go to the bottom of the home page, I eventually find how to open the latest magazine.  It's so much easier to have it online especially if you travel a lot, or don't get rid of your outdated mail regularly like me.  I'm still finding magazines from 2014 - these are not really art related, but nevertheless taking up space.  They were not giving me "joy" as they say.

Saturday, I rsvpd to attend the opening in the Atrium of the a International village mall for Crossing Boundaries, Beautiful Canada.  This is an art exhibit with 150 artists and a cross cultural activity between the Federation Gallery and the International art gallery.  I was expecting a very casual event and i walked into something very different.  Turns out this has been in the works for over a year including a lovely booklet with all the paintings in it and a great website with the bios of all the artists.  There were so many dignataries, local politicians and representatives of consulates and government, it was a big surprise.  The representative For the FCA executive director Patrick Meyer gave a wonderful presentation.  

There was a wonderful presentation and I was able to finally met Artist Jane Appleby who was on the cruiseship Queen Victoria just prior to my voyage last year.  We had a great time and met any new artists as well. It was great to see Artist Sandrine Pelletier, who I first met as part of the group shows at Harmony Arts Festivals. There was even a draw to pair up the dignataries with some of the participating artists and get our picture taken.  I was called up to pair up with local dignitary Andrian Carr.

on Sunday it was the Opus Outdoor challenge.  A challenge it was because of the big BMO Marathon that was taking place.  The entire bus services were altered and it required more walking than busing to get to the great downtown location that had been chosen at Bute and Davie. I decided to stay close to the tent and work on my pen and ink sketching with stones and people in my scene.  I still am having difficulty getting my composition and tones right, but I had a great time even if I had to rush back home because I was frozen from the cold wind that started up.  After warming up at home, getting some lunch, I headed back on transit to submit my piece.  That was the best part as I caught up with Artist Carol McQuaid and saw the lovely Lino cut she did of the Heritage building down on beach avenue.  She even filmed it for you tube so that it is available for everyone who will be going to her upcoming demo at Opus.  Check out Opuses website as I think she is doing it this week. We had a great talk and fun seeing all the wonderful pieces of art that were submitted!  And what fabulous draw prizes they had at four pm.  We were all drooling at the pastels and brushes.  I was overjoyed when my name was drawn and I received a light box!  Thanks again Opus!

i enjoyed my sketching of people which I will bring to the next art class on Tuesday as we will be exploring pen and ink and my students can see the process and good and the not so great pictures.

thursday evening, the 11th is the opening at the Federation Gallery for all 75 artists from the FCA as part of the Crossing Boundaries show.  I am hoping to reconnect with someone who loved my painting and purchased it.  She and I were involved in a peace project some 27 years ago that took us to Russia. This exhibit sure has the right title even for the memories I share with the new owner.

happy Painting!

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