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July 30,2015
@harmonyartswv Opening Reception July 31st 6pm

Tomorrow night at the Ferry Building Gallery in Ambleside, West Vancouver will be the opening reception for all the artists in 25 Artist/25 years as well as the Group Exhibition -Harmony and Discord outside.  Everyone is welcome to the event that kick starts the fabulous Harmony Arts Festival until August 9th.  Many of the artists will be providing demos in the Art Speak tent during the week.  Check out the entire schedule at

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July 28,2015
ARTBEAT and the Harmony Arts Festival

The Northshore News sent out the supplement on July 26th for the Harmony Arts Festival.  I will be in the Group Exhibition and ARTBEAT.  You can see more information on facebook under  "ARTIST SONIA MOCNIK"  You can also get lots of details at and for the online supplement.

ARTBEAT has several businesses all across West Vancouver participating by hosting paintings by many local artists.  I have been paired with BJ's Fashions in Dundarave.  A map on the supplement page 11 has all the details.  Also there will be a guided tour available on August 8th and tickets are available online or at the Harmony Info booths.

Also, Qualicum GrandPrix of Art was a great success and there are lots of pictures of the event on facebook under TOSH and the travelling brush and also under my facebook page and Artist Sonia Mocnik on facebook.  There are also previous pictures from Ladner's GrandPrix through Artists in the Village (on facebook).

Nanaimo Arts Council also hosted a "Paint Out" and it was very successful.  They had their event on July 26th and many of the painters participating in Qualicum were there.

Britannia Shipyards, Stilt Houses and a Chinese Bunk House

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July 24,2015
Grand Prix of BC - Qualicum Event July 25th

Had a fantastic day with the 100 painters at the Grand Prix of Delta last weekend (19th).  Mark Glavina of the Travelling and Artists in the Village Society hosted the event and did a fantastic job!  Dancing Pig put on the food venue afterwards and there were great prizes.  I was at tent #7 and painted the DragonFly Gallery.  So many choices and options for painting ideas - it was incredibly difficult to be satisfied with the end product!

This weekend is the annual Grand Prix of Art in Qualicum.  This is hosted by the The Old School House Art Center and TOSH.  We sign up by 10:30 and at 11:00 find our alloted space.  It goes until 2pm and then the paintings are judged, for sale and will be hanging in the gallery for the next week.  Weather is looking a little cool, but overcast skies are great for painting! There will be Jazz, a farmer's market and so many artists that will be showing their wares.  We will be dispersed among the village in between all these great activities.

Did get a chance to practice with the Vancouver Sketch Club at their outing on Wednesday down at the River Park by the Fraser River.  The group meet every week on Wednesdays from 11-2 over the summer and anyone can come and join in.

Sunday Antiquing at the Dragonfly Gallery in Ladner

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July 15,2015
Upcoming Harmony Arts Festival!

After a fun morning of sketching with the Vancouver Sketch Club at the John Lawson Park, I took a stroll over to the headquarters of the Harmony Arts Festival to see Kate and Magda.  Kate is responsible for the hanging of the Group Exhibition and she does an amazing job with all the work that comes in!  I also received some great tips on wiring the back of my painting!  Thanks Kate!  Magda helped me get all setup with volunteer times.  Thanks Magda! Everyone assisted in helping me with understanding how to twitter feed etc. for the event.  They also provided me with great advertising, some of which I took over later to BJ Fashion's where I will be displaying some paintings for sale during the week of Harmony Arts.

Take a look at the website and facebook page for the harmonyarts - there is so much great information on the events, the art demos, the artists involved in all the art venues and the businesses that are helping to promote artists!

Looking forward to the event and seeing all the great art admirers!  Remember everything is for sale -so come between July 31st and August 9th and support your local and very talented artists! #harmonyartswv

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July 12,2015
Artist Inspiration at the Federation Gallery

July 10th morning, I headed over to the Federation Gallery on Granville Island to assist other volunteer artists in preparing the Arts Avenue magazine for delivery to the 2000 members across Canada.

I was delighted to meet Nancy, Wally, Ina and Tony as well as Barbara Cardario who is featured in the Magazine this issue with her article "the Inside View" and Linda Bell whose painting "The Writing is on the Wall" received 2nd place for the Abstract show in March this year.  The Arts Avenue is a great magazine with all sorts of information and is available at the Federation Gallery for $5 or is part of the membership.

It was also a chance to explore the exhibition with the summer gallery.  You can have a look at some of the great work on facebook as well under "Federation Canadian Artists"!

Just received a share on facebook that artist friends of mine, Hans and Ghyslaine Gray will be showing their work as part of an exhibition for the the North Shore Artists' Guild on July 25th and 26th - The Pipe Shop Show. On July 25th from 12:00 to 9:00 and Sunday July 26th from 12:00 to 5:00. The show will be located in the North Vancouver shipyard east of Lonsdale Quay. There will be 36 artists and well over 400 wonderful paintings on site. So save the date.

My artist friend Carol McQuaid is in Wells right now being inspired to create a new Lithograph of the town of Wells.  She also is in the "Animal Farm" show from July 10 to September 5 at the CityScape Community Art Space located at 335 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver.

Lots to enjoy over the summer!  Happy Painting


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July 03,2015
Plein Air in Ladner July 19th

The Delta Grand Prix of Art will be held on July 19th.  The Grand Prix of Art website and the websites have all the details.

I'll be participating with several other great artists to capture the landscape and activity around the town of Ladner for the day!

Also coming up is the Qualicum Grand Prix on July 25th.  I'll be participating in that as well.

Then its the Harmony Arts Festival Group Exhibition which will have on display my painting Britannia Shipyards, Stilt Houses and a Chinese Bunk House.  As part of this exhibition, I will be included in "Art Beat" and be displaying my paintings at BJ Fashions in Dundarave for the week of July 31 - August 9th.  There will be a bus tour on August the 8th to visit the different artist venues as part of the Harmony Arts Festival.

It was a great Canada Day celebration on Granville Island and the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists) have some wonderful pictures of the event where we were painting near the OSGEMEOS silos.  I thoroughly enjoyed the parade, music that played around us and the wonderful people that came by and visited and looked and even bought the art!  Some of my cards were bought for mailing to Europe.

Britannia Shipyards, Stilt Houses and a Chinese Bunk House

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